Private Island in Exuma For Sale

You can own your own private island in Exuma, for only $85 million! It's a hefty price, but you can't put a price tag on paradise!


Did you ever want to own a piece of paradise? Now you can- if you have $85 million!


Little Pipe Cay, a private island in Exuma, was recently placed up for sale. It has a pretty hefty price tag, but for what it’s offering it seems like a steal. Bahamian construction company Woslee Construction developed the cay.


The cays owner spent 15 years developing the previously uninhabited island that boasts 38 acres of land. It now features five fully furnished homes, four private beaches, and hundreds of feet of dock frontage for boats.


The location is one of the best too. It’s only 70 miles southeast of Nassau and 270 miles from Miami. This makes it easily accessible by seaplane. It’s also only just 3 miles away from Staniel Cay, which is a popular spot for locals and tourists.


Exuma’s famous Pig Island, aka Big Major Cay, known for the swimming pigs, is less than 2 miles away too. Whoever purchases the island will be perfectly situated, close to the large ports and local attractions.


The island really does seem like paradise! Now we just need to scrounge up $85 million! Grab your checkbooks.

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