The Legend of Three Sisters Rocks

One of the most fascinating legends in Exuma revolves around the Three Sisters Rocks. This romantic and tragic tale has drawn in lovers from all over.


Exuma has a fascinating history full of lore and stories. Among the many sites to see you’ll spot the legendary rock formation known as Three Sisters Rocks. Located just off the coast of Three Sisters Beach on Great Exuma, these rocks have one of the most interesting tales.


The Legend

The story begins with an English captain coming to the Bahamas on his ship in search of lost treasure. A violent storm hit, forcing the captain to seek shelter and protection on Exuma. He found more than shelter there. He met three sisters, each as beautiful as the last.

The story goes that each sister met and fell in love with the English captain. Each sister was unaware that the others were in love with the same man. They didn’t find out until it came time for the captain to leave. One by one the sisters jumped into the sea to follow the ship. The water was rough, causing the sister to drown in pursuit of their love.

In the spot where each sister died, a rock erupted out of the ocean, marking the location of their tragic death.



Locals believe that despite the tragic story, the rocks ironically signal good luck and a place of romance. Catching a glimpse of these rocks is a sign of happy times to come. Today, it’s a popular spot for weddings. Many couples choose to exchange vows in front of the rocks in the belief that the legend will bring a happy union.


Other Activities

The great thing about Three Sisters Beach is it’s relatively quiet compared to the other beaches. It’s perfect for a romantic getaway. In addition to gazing at the mythical rocks, visitors can snorkel in the area. Colorful fish and other marine life seem to enjoy swimming around the rocks, making it a great place to catch a glimpse of them.

Not far away if the capital of Exuma, George Town. You can explore the city, shop a little, and grab some good food once you’re done with the beach.

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