The Best Restaurants in Exuma

Looking for the best spots to eat while visiting Exuma? Here are some recommendations for the best restaurants and food Exuma has to offer!

No vacation is complete without yummy food, and Exuma has a lot of it! We asked our online users for their recommendations on the best food and restaurants Exuma has to offer. Here is what people recommended, in no particular order, as well as some must-try dishes!


Tropic Breeze

Known for its amazing ocean views and yummy seafood, Tropic Breeze is one of the most recommended restaurants on Exuma!


Location: Queen’s Highway, William’s Town

Recommended Dishes: Jerk Wings, Surf and Turf Burger, and Drinks!


Santana’s Bar and Grill

Santana’s is another popular choice in Exuma, known for its laid-back vibe and amazing food. It was even a favorite hang out for the cast and crew of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies when they were filming!


Location: Queen’s Highways, William’s Town

Must-Try Dishes: Try their seafood


Lighthouse Café and Ice Cream Parlor

If you’re looking for a refreshing treat to cool down or a quick snack, this is the place to go! It’s right on the water, which means it has amazing views.


Location: Queen’s Highway, Steventon

Must-Try Dishes: Ice Cream, BBQ Pork Chops, Coconut Shrimp


Mom’s Bakery

Calories don’t count on vacation so if you’re looking for a sweet treat Mom’s Bakery is the perfect spot. Try some of Mom’s local deserts!


Location: Queen’s Highway, William’s Town

Must-Try Dishes: Rum Cakes and Coconut Bread


Big D’s Conch Spot

If you’re looking for good food and a good time Big D’s is the spot to hit. Located right on the water, you can dine of amazing food and views.


Location: Queen’s Highway, Steventon

Must-Try Dishes: Conch Salad


Shirley’s at the Fish Fry

Shirley’s is another local favorite. Known for its delicious food and great drinks, this is a must-visit spot.


Location: Queen’s Highway, George Town

Must-Try Dishes: Seafood, Drinks


Choppy Waters

Located at the Exuma Yacht Club on the marina, Choppy Waters offers good views and good food.


Locations Exuma Yacht Club & Marina

Must-Try Dishes: Cognito bites


Rusty Anchor

If you’re looking for something for a nicer occasion, the Rusty Anchor is the go-to place.


Location: February Point, Michaelson

Must-Try Dishes: Lobster Tail


Chat N Chill

Chat N Chill is one of the most famous restaurants on Exuma. It’s a fun beach hang that offers yummy food as well as fun activities such as swimming with stingrays!


Location: Stocking Island

Must-Try Dishes: Sunday Pig Roast, Conch Salad


Blu on the Water

With stunning ocean views and yummy food, Blu on the Water is a great bar and restaurant. Their deck offers some of the best views!


Location: Queen’s Highway, Rolle Town

Must-Try Dishes: Vegetarian Options, Seafood


Splash Bar and Grill

Located at the Palm Bay Beach Club, Splash is a favorite for visitors. It’s a fun bar that offers good drinks and food.


Location: Palm Bay Beach Club, George Town

Must-Try Dishes: Breakfast, Pizza


Driftwood Café

If you’re craving some good pizza on your trip, Driftwood is the place to visit. Known for its blend of Italian and American food, Driftwood is the perfect spot if you’re feeling a little homesick.


Location: Queen’s Highway, George Town

Must-Try Dishes: Pizza


Island Boy Café

If you’re looking for some good snacks, hit Island Boy Café. It has an array of yummy treats that are perfect for lunch!


Location: Queen’s Highway, George Town

Must-Try Dishes: Ice Cream, Conch Fritters


St. Francis Resort & Restaurant

Most visitors to Stocking Island hit up Chat N Chill, but this small island is also home to St. Francis, which offers great food and views.


Location: Stocking Island

Must-Try Dishes: Wings, Tuna Wrap


Mike’s Pizza Plus

Mike’s doesn’t just do pizza, they also offer an array of other delicious food such as donuts, subs, and other tasty treats.


Location: Hooper’s Bay, Great Exuma

Must-Try Dishes: Fresh Donuts, Cherry Cheese Cake, Subs, Sweet and Sour Salad


Club YOLO Grill and Hookah Bar

If you’re looking for something with more energy, try Club YOLO. IN addition to yummy food, this place also has karaoke night, dance parties, weekend BBQ, and hookah!


Location: Exuma Palms Hotel, Mt. Thompson

Must-Try Dishes: BBQ