The Legend of Boo Boo Hill

Every place has local legends, including Exuma. Learn all about the local lore of Boo Boo Hill and how visitors are keeping it alive.


Halloween might be over, but local legends live on all year long. Every place has local lore and Exuma isn’t exempt. Boo Boo Hill is one of the locations in Exuma that is shrouded in mystery and legends.



How could one not love a place called Boo Boo Hill? Located on Warderick Wells and nestled in the heart of Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, Boo Boo Hill is a popular attraction. It’s the tallest hill on the cay, surrounded by mangrove nurseries and close to the blowholes that are also on the island. It’s a short hike to the peak of Boo Boo Hill, easy enough for most visitors to manage. The top of the hill provides stunning views of the surrounding waters.


Boo Boo Hill Legend Exuma Online


The Legend

You may be wondering how a place gets the name “Boo Boo Hill”. Legend has it that it’s named so because it’s haunted by souls of a ship that went missing in the surrounding reefs. During one stormy night, their ship vanished with every soul on board perishing. Some say the ship sank with all passengers on board, and other’s say the bodies are buried under the hill. It’s said on moonlit nights you can hear the spirits singing in the howling wind.


It has now become a tradition for visitors to leave a piece of driftwood behind with the name of their ship. It’s viewed as an offering to the God Neptune and the other sea gods for good sailing and safe passage. On top of the hill, visitors will see a pile of driftwood from past offerings.


Boo Boo Hill Legend Exuma Online


Some people bring their own driftwood or have pieces made ahead of time with the ships name on it. At certain times the driftwood in the surrounding area may be scarce from people collecting it, but Boo Boo Hill Beach and other areas close by often have good sized pieces you can find.


Other Activities

Of course, you may not think the trip is worth making just to make an offering to Neptune. Luckily it’s located in the exciting Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. There are beaches nearby, not to mention water activities like snorkeling. There’s also the giant whale skeleton near the visitor’s center that is always worth a look at. It’s definitely worth your time to stop by and visit the park while in Exuma.


Boo Boo Hill Legend Exuma Online


Island Rules

Because Boo Boo Hill is located within the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park there are special rules in place to protect the local environment. There are no trash cans on the island so keep all trash with you until you leave the island. Don’t take any coral, shells, or anything else with you when you leave. The park believes in “take only photos, leave only footprints” and that’s motto we encourage visitors to respect.


Boo Boo Hill Legend Exuma Online

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