The Bahamas and U.S. to Sign Open Skies Agreement

Flying to the Bahamas is about to get easier. It was recently announced that the U.S. and the Bahamas are going to sign an Open Skies Agreement.


Traveling to the Bahamas from the United States is about to get easier. It was recently announced that the U.S. will sign an open skies agreement with the Bahamas this month.


The Assistant Secretary for Economic and Business Affairs, Manisha Singh, is set to travel to the Bahamas in the coming days and will sign the agreement on this trip, the US State Department announced in a press release.


Assistant Secretary Singh will then travel to The Bahamas from 25-28 January, where she will sign a new Open Skies Air Transport Agreement on behalf of the United States, which will create greater opportunities for US airlines and improve travel opportunities for American passengers”, the release said.


Open skies agreements allow for increased travel and trade between international locations and the U.S. This type of agreement eliminated government interference in the commercial decisions airlines make about things such as routes, capacity, pricing, and more.


This means that airlines will now be able to add more routes to the Bahamas. This should greatly impact air traffic and tourism to the nation. As tourism grows in the Bahamas more airlines are already looking to expand their flight offerings. With the signing of the open skies agreement, this should increase in the coming months, especially with peak travel season quickly approaching.