Eight Women Got Lost At Sea And It Should Be A Warning To Tourists

This probably goes down as the worst vacation ever. This scary tale should be a warning to tourists though- don't leave your common sense at home when traveling!


Nothing is worse than when a vacation gets ruined, and for eight women a fun bachelorette trip turned into a nightmare.


A group of thirteen women from Hamilton, Ontario in Canada traveled to Nassau for a fun-filled bachelorette trip. While they were likely looking for excitement, eight of them got more than they bargained for.


After being approached by local guides on the beach, eight women took them up on their offer to travel to Exuma’s famous Pig Beach. They paid $100 a person for the trip to Exuma, which normally costs around $400 per person. The women never got to see the swimming pigs though. Instead, they spend a harrowing night lost at sea.


The women boarded a small 25-foot Boston Whaler around 1:30 in the afternoon. After six hours at sea though and no sign of land, the boat ran out of fuel. Unfortunately for them, he five Bahamian men that were guiding the group appeared to be lost


Things only got worse as the women hunkered down for the night at sea. They had no way of getting anyone’s attention, there was no land to be found, and high waves were crashing into the boat. After 28 hours a local fishing boat rescued the women.


This story has a happy ending, but it should be a wake-up call to tourists. While a vacation is a time for fun, they need to remember to stay vigilant. Plenty of people make a living off of scamming rich tourists that flock to the islands.


Tourists who are unfamiliar with the area should make sure to do extensive research into travel guides, avoid getting into boats without life jackets or other necessities like flares and paddles and notify their lodging before going out on trips at sea.

So next time you go on a trip, don’t leave your common sense at home!

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