Everything You Need to Know About Weather In Exuma

From Winter and Summer, to sun and rain. Here's everything you need to know about the weather before travelling to Exuma!

Exuma Bahamas is a tropical paradise. With crystal blue water and shining sun, it’s easy to see why people flock here. But nothing ruins a vacation more than unexpected weather. Make sure you have the best trip possible by preparing for the weather in Exuma.


There are two seasons in Exuma, Summer, and Winter, but Winter in Exuma is pretty close to summer in other parts of North America. Like any other tropical climate, there is also a rainy and hurricane season.


Summer in Exuma is beautiful, but it can be hot with strong sun. The average temperature during these months is 90°F-75°F (or 33°C-24°C). If you’re visiting in the summer time it’s important to keep hydrated and cool. Loose clothing, sunscreen, and water are very important.


The winter months in Exuma are a bit cooler, but they are probably equivalent to summer temperatures in other parts of North America. The average temperatures are 77°F-65°F (or 25°C-18°C). Although it is a bit cooler, the sun is still strong in Exuma during these months so be prepared. The humidity is lower during this time though.


Like most tropical locations, Exuma has a rainy season. Prices to travel here during those times are usually cheaper. The rainy season spans from May to October. You should still expect occasional raining and storms during any month though. October is the month with the most rainfall on average (due to both rain and hurricanes) so if rain isn’t your thing you might want to visit during a different month! Rain in the Caribbean doesn’t last long though. The storms are usually intense but over quick. Often, it’s best to find cover for 15-20 minutes until the sun comes back out.


The Carribean is known for hurricanes and Exuma isn’t exempt. The Hurricane season usually spans from late June to the end of November. However, most hurricanes occur in September/October. The chances of a hurricane arriving during June, July or August are very low. While they should be avoided, due to the rain prices can be cheaper during these times. Most houses and buildings are built to withstand the strong wind and water too.


Humidity in Exuma is pretty consistent through every season, although you’ll find it a bit higher before a storm. It is usually around mid 60% humidity. Humidity can make the air feel hotter than it really is, so don’t always trust the temperature. Prepare for some frizzy hair!


Sunscreen is a packing essential no matter what time of year you visit Exuma. Despite popular belief, you can still get burned even when it is cloudy. Hats, light cover-ups, and sunglasses are also recommended. Always make sure you have plenty of water when you plan on being in the sun!

For the rainy months, you might consider bringing a rain poncho or umbrella. Many hotels have these available for use but not always.


Before booking a trip, make sure you are prepared for the expected weather. If it’s the rainy season don’t be upset when it rains! Always check the expected weather forecast before you trip so you pack accordingly.

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