Bahamian Public Schools are Getting a Digital Upgrade

Students will be greeted with a few new changes when they go back to school this year. The government is installing digital upgrades and fixing issues such as leaky roofs!


The start of the school year is quickly approaching. Parents are probably rejoicing, but the kids should be too. Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis and Minister of Education Jeffery Lloyd announced new technological upgrades coming to public schools.


The ministry is hoping to catapult students into modern day learning. Public schools will begin having Wi-Fi installed this year. S.C. McPherson Junior High School on Nassau will be the first school to get WiFi, with other public schools across the nation following the trend later.


Miniter Lloyd announced that The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) and Cable Bahamas have been contracted by the government to do the work. Schools across the country will have fiber optics installed over the course of the academic year.


There are 172 schools in the nation, and after fiber optics is installed Walker’s Industries will begin installing WiFi and Internet. The Minister said that by the end of June 2019 all public schools should be 100% digitized.


That’s not all. The minister also said that primary and pre-primary students and teachers would receive tablets to aid with education.


In addition to digitized upgrades, public schools will also be getting much-needed physical upgrades. The government will address issues such as leaky roofs, damaged ceilings, and termite infestations. Prime Minister Minnis said that most of the schools should have their renovations completed before the school year begins with a few exceptions. Any work that takes place during the school year will not interfere with learning. A few schools are also being expanded on, adding more classrooms for more effective learning.


It’s positive news to hear that the public schools in The Bahamas are a priority. Poor quality and lack of technological resources have been a hindrance to school children for years. Now that the students will have quality schools with up to date technology to learn in, they can thrive both during and after they’ve completed their studies.

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