Two Men Arrested In Major Drug Bust in Exuma

Exuma is known for being one of the most beautiful spots in the world, but it's not always peachy here. Over the weekend a major drug bust went down- here's what you should know.


The Exuma Cays are known for a lot of things- beautiful beaches, exotic wildlife, and the ultimate spot for a vacation. One of the most stunning places in Exuma is the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, the first national park of it’s kind. It’s home to a number of protected species and the park’s goal is to preserve and educate.


Unfortunately, two men also thought the park would make for a good place to smuggle drugs in.


Two men were arrested early Sunday morning after the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Marines and Park Wardens led a joint operation. They were searching Waderick Wells Cay, also known as the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, where they discovered a large amount of marijuana.


While searching further the Defence Force Marines apprehended two males in the immediate vicinity. They were on a disabled vessel. They were immediately taken into custody and handed over to police. The police are now processing the drugs and conducting a further investigation.


It was a major drug bust for the Bahamas. The estimated weight of the drugs is 168 pounds, which has an estimated value of $168,000.


This wasn’t the only drug bust of the weekend in the Bahamas either. Police also reported the recovery of illegal drugs and ammunition in New Providence, around Baillou Hills. On Saturday, the Drug Enforcement Officers searched the area and recovered a small amount of marijuana and 50 rounds of illegal ammunition. No arrests have been made.


Police in Grand Bahamas also reported finding dangerous drugs on the island. Reports indicated on Saturday morning police searched a derelict vehicle and recovered two bags containing marijuana.


While it’s certainly alarming, and worrying, to hear about drug busts on Exuma it also means that police are doing their jobs. In recent months they have ramped up their paroling of the seas around Exuma to spot the smuggling of drugs, weapons, and people. People shouldn’t be concerned but they should keep their eyes out of suspicious behavior, and report anything they see to local police.

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