Must-Have Items For Your Hurricane Kit

Hurricane season is here, which means people should begin getting their hurricane emergency kits ready. Here's what you should include in them!


It’s officially hurricane season, and the waters are already brewing. There have already been a few tropical storms and more are expected to come. The hurricanes last year caused widespread damage, so it’s recommended that people take extra care this year in preparing their hurricane emergency kits.

Basic Supplies 

    • Food: Make sure you have at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food for every person in the household.
    • Water: There should be one gallon of clean water per day for each person, for at least three days. This is for both drinking and sanitation purposes
    • Radio: Having a battery-powered or hand crank radio is recommended. This is so that people can receive weather and safety alerts even if the power is down.
    • Flashlight: Make sure you have a working flashlight with fresh batteries. Candles are also an alternative.
    • First Aid Kit: A basic first aid kit is a vital item in the hurricane kit.
    • Extra Batteries: Having extra batteries is recommended in case the power is down for an extended period of time.
    • Garbage Bags: Garbage bags, along with plastic ties and moist towelettes are suggested supplies for personal sanitation.
    • Manual Can Opener: Most non-perishable food comes in cans, so make sure you have a way of opening them
    • Cell Phone: If the storm is coming, make sure your cell phone is fully charged in case of an emergency.

Additional Supplies

    • Prescription Medication: Make sure you have enough of any prescription medication before a storm comes.
    • Non-Prescription Medication: Adding medications such as pain relievers, anti-diarrhea meds, antacids, and laxatives is also a good idea
    • Eyewear: If you wear contacts or glasses make sure you have spares or extras available
    • Baby Supplies: If there is an infant in your home make sure there is extra food, diapers, bottles, and other supplies for them packed away in case you have to leave
    • Pet Supplies: The same goes for pets. Make sure there food and water for your pets in the kit. (PLEASE BRING ALL ANIMALS INSIDE BEFORE STORMS)
    • Cash: Having extra cash on hand might come in handy in an emergency
    • Important Documents: It’s also recommended to have all important family documents, such as passports, insurance policies, bank account records, identification, and birth certificates either sealed away in a waterproof container or make digital copies of them.
    • Blankets: Having a warm blanket or sleeping bag for each person is also nice
    • Change of Clothes: Having a complete set of spare clothing, along with sturdy shoes, is important in case your family has to leave in a hurry.
    • Hygiene Supplies: For women, this means feminine hygiene supplies, but also items like hand sanitizer and soap.
    • Matches or Lighter: Having waterproof matches or a lighter in case you need to start a fire is important.


Additional Information

If you already have a hurricane kit ready from last season make sure you take the time now to go through and restock or replace any expired items. Since you may not know where you will be when an emergency occurs, prepare supplies for your home, work, and vehicles. If you have children and are able to, bringing along extra supplies such as toys or activities is also smart.

All residents should make sure they know the closest hurricane shelters, as well as a list of emergency numbers.

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