The Legend of Pretty Molly Bay

Pretty Molly Bay is more than a nice beach. It's home to a local tale that involves ghosts or mermaids depending on the version!


Exuma is just full of legends, and we can’t share them without mentioning Pretty Molly. Who doesn’t love a good mermaid legend?



Pretty Molly Bay is a little beach located on Little Exuma between the Ferry Settlement and Forbes Hill. People rave about its mellow vibe and soft powdery sand. There are a few homes in the area, some left unoccupied. The area is also known for good snorkeling if you’re interested.


The Legend

Exuma is rich in myths and legends, and Pretty Molly Bay has a unique one. There are two legends that revolve around a woman named Pretty Molly. In the first story, she was a slave that drowned. In this story she roams the beach at night, haunting the island. In the second story, she was a young woman who turned into a mermaid. Many locals claim that Pretty Molly the mermaid still lives in the waters of the bay today!


Both stories are interesting for sure. So whether Pretty Molly is a ghost or a mermaid, be sure to keep an eye out for her!


Other Activities

Pretty Molly Bay is a great beach to hang out on if you’re in the area. If mermaid watching or ghost hunting isn’t your thing, don’t worry because there are tons of other activities to occupy you on Little Exuma.


While you’re on Little Exuma, be sure to check out the old pirate fort. Exploring Exuma’s past in piracy fits wells with the Pretty Molly Legend. There’s also the Great Salt Pond, Rolle Town, and Hermitage Estate that are great to visit.

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