Film Industry Brought $5 Million Boost To Bahamas Economy

With the amazing scenery that the Bahamas has to offer, it's no surprise that so many international films and TV shows chose to film here. And that has brought in major revenue for the nation.


Take one look at the stunning scenery of the Bahamas and it’s easy to see why the film industry has been using it as a location more and more. The powdery white sand makes fashion shoots pop. The turquoise water is so clear it looks as if it could be faked in movies. Not to mention the laid-back lifestyle and fun activities provide plenty to record.


The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism stated that last year the country generated $5 million in revenue from the 347 film and TV-related projects.


Some of these projects include The Bahamas Life with HGTV, which shot 13 episodes in New Providence, Grand Bahamas, Eleuthera, Exuma, and Abaco. More episodes are reportedly being shot too, which means even more income for the nation.


Other projects include:

  • Cooper’s Treasure, a treasure hunt series that runs on Discovery Channel. It was filmed on Grand Bahamas.
  • Ex on the Beach, a reality show that runs in multiple countries on MTV
  • Photo shoots for Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Victoria’s Secret, Marks & Spencer, and H&M
  • There were also numerous documentaries on marine life as well as news coverage.


And these are only a few of the over 200 projects that were filmed in the Bahamas last year.


Travis Robinson, parliamentary secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation said, “Films have an economic value as they provide employment and new revenue for our country. The Bahamas Film and Television Commission, a department in the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation, takes the lead on this.”


He added that while the nation is happy to receive business from the international film industry, they want to feature more local filmmakers too. The Bahamian government has already worked towards supporting local talent. The Bahamas Film and Television Commission hosted a Movie Masters series in partnership with the University of the Bahamas. This event helped bring together local and international filmmakers and directors to share knowledge and provide lessons to budding local filmmakers.

The Bahamas doesn’t seem to be slowing down either. More projects are already underway this year to begin filming. The government is also continuously looking to bring in major feature films to the Bahamas. Some notable films previously shot in the Bahamas are multiple James Bond movies, two Pirates of the Caribbean films, as well as multiple others.


You read more about films shot in Exuma here.


The $5 million boost in the economy is great. The government so far has done a good job balancing international revenue while maintaining local life. Hopefully, the Bahamas will see even greater revenue next year.


What projects do you hope to see filmed in the Bahamas next?

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