Exuma’s Pig Beach Named One Of World’s Best Beaches

White sand, turquoise water, oh and some friendly loveable swimming pigs. What else does one of the best beaches in the world need?


To those that have been to Exuma, every beach feels and looks as if it deserves to be recognized as one of the top beaches in the world. This year, one of them is. FlightNetwork, one of the world’s largest travel companies, has released their list of the World’s 50 best beaches. Exuma has the honor of winning one of these positions.


Pig Beach

Pig Beach, the nickname for Big Major Cay where the famous swimming pigs reside, has come in as number 12. Out of all of the beaches in the world, number 12 seems like a pretty good spot.


Located in Exuma, Pig Beach lives up to its name. It has quickly become what Exuma is most famous for, and one trip there it’s easy to see why. Home of the famous swimming pigs, a day on Pig Beach means playing, feeding and hanging out with some swine.


It’s not just the pigs though. All of the beaches in Exuma are stunning. From the powdery white sand to the crystal clear turquoise water, there is plenty of beauty. Most people take a day trip there with a tour guide, but you can arrive on your own boat. If you want to learn more about the swimming pigs, read here.


Other Mentions

The Bahamas is only one of nine countries that got multiple mentions on this list. Pink Sands Beach, located on Harbour Island just off of Eleuthera, came in at fourth place. Known for its light pink sand (hence the name) there’s no doubt this beach is stunning too.



This isn’t the first time Exuma’s Pig Beach has been recognized. It’s routinely mentioned on some of the best places to visit. Much of Exuma’s rising popularity amongst tourists have to do with the swimming pigs. Love them or hate them (how could you hate them?!) these little pigs are playing a big role in Exuma’s tourism.

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