All of the Airports Located in Exuma, Bahamas

Whether you're flying commercial, private, or charter, there are more airports in Exuma than one might think. Here are all of them, from public to private.


Traveling in and out of Exuma gets easier every day, but there’s still a little concern and confusion around it. Most travelers fly in and out of Exuma International Airport, located in George Town, Great Exuma, but for those taking private or chartered planes there are more options out there. Here are all of the airports on Exuma, including private and small runways.

Exuma International Airport

Exuma International Airport (GGT), also known as George Town Airport, is the biggest and most commonly used entry and exit point for Exuma. All major airlines fly in and out of there. It’s where almost all visitors will fly into when visiting Exuma.

Coordinates: 23°33′45.0″N 075°52′39.2″W

Airport Code: MYEF/ GGT

Runway (ft): 8,000 x 100


Norman’s Cay Airport

Norman’s Cay is a small island that is mostly private today. It does however have an airport and runway. Drug runners who used small planes to bring cocaine into the US once used Norman’s Cay. They were the ones responsible for building the runway on the island.

Coordinates: 24°35′39.5″N 076°49′12.3″W

Airport Code: MYEN/ NMC

Runway (ft): 3,360 x 70


Darby Island Airport

Darby Island, also known as Darby Islet, is one of the cays located in Exuma. It’s a private island so commercial planes don’t land here. However, there is a land strip for private aircrafts that have permission to land on the island.

Coordinates: 23°51′04.4″N 076°13′41.1″W

Airport Code: N/A

Runway (ft): 1,500 x 100


Leaf Cay Airport

Leaf Cay Airport is a private airport located on Leaf Cay. Commercial flights don’t come in here, but some private planes are allowed.

Coordinates: 24°08′57.9″N 076°28′22.5″W

Airport Code: MYXD

Runway (ft): 09/27: 1,200 x 40, GRAVEL


Rudder Cut Cay Airport

Rudder Cut Cay is public airport located on Rudder Cut Cay. Though it isn’t privately owned, commercial airlines don’t fly into here mainly due to a size issue. The island isn’t equipped to handle an influx of visitors.

Coordinates: 23°53′11.1″N 076°15′10.2″W

Airport Code: N/A

Runway (ft): 09/27: 2,150 x 89, GRAVEL


Cave Cay Airstrip

While not an airport, Cave Cay does have an airstrip that planes can land and take off on. It’s a privately owned island though so don’t expect to land whenever you want.

Coordinates: N/A

Airport Code: N/A

Runway (ft): N/A


Staniel Cay Airport

Staniel Cay is home to some of Exuma’s best attractions, but it also boasts an airport. International flights don’t land here, but some flights on Flamingo Air from Nassau do. If you’re flying locally it’s a good location to land on.

Coordinates: 24°10′10.8″N 076°26′21.4″W

Airport Code: MYES/ TYM

Runway (ft): 3,030 x 75


Black Point Airstrip

Black Point Airstrip is a public airstrip, however there isn’t any refueling options there so be warned.

Coordinates: 24°05′21.4″N 076°23′52.5″W

Airport Code: MYEB

Runway (ft): 12/30: 2,620 x 80, ASPHALT


Farmers Cay Airstrip

Farmers Cay Airstrip is a private use airport located on Little Farmers Cay.

Coordinates: 23°57′41.9″N 076°19′34.3″W

Airport Code: N/A

Runway (ft): 18/36: 2,480 x 56, ASPHALT


Hog Cay Airport

Hog Cay Airport, also known as Hog Cay Exuma Airfield, is another public use airport located on Exuma.

Coordinates: 23°23′50.7″N 075°29′49.5″W

Airport Code: MYEY

Runway (ft): 12/30: 2,530 x 49, ASPHALT


 Lee Stocking Airport

Located on Lee Stocking Island, this airport is a public one.

Coordinates: 23°46′32.1″N 076°06′13.4″W

Airport Code: MYXE/MYEL

Runway (ft): 12/30: 3,230 x 141, ASPHALT


Sampson Cay Airport

Sampson Cay Airport is located on Big Sampson Cay. The island is privately owned, and in 2013 the owner decided to close it off to the public so the airstrip is now only available to a select private few.

Coordinates: 24°12′58.6″N 076°28′42.9″W

Airport Code: MYXH

Runway (ft): 14/32: 2,000 x 39, GRAVEL