It’s Time to Cancel Your Trip to Exuma

Have an upcoming trip to Exuma or the Bahamas? Unfortunately it's time to officially cancel and postpone it. COVID-19 continues to impact the globe...


Due to COVID-19 a lot of things are up in the air. Countries around the world are grappling with the global pandemic, making tough decisions on what to keep running and what to shut down for the safety of everyone.


People are also having to make hard calls. Couples are having to cancel weddings. Families are having to postpone funerals. And for those who have upcoming trips, the question is being asked, “should we cancel?”


If you have an upcoming trip to Exuma or the Bahamas in the next few weeks or months, now is the time to cancel or reschedule.



While hotels continue to operate on Exuma, amenities are shutting down. A number of the most popular restaurants have closed down and more are making that hard call every day. Tour operations are also slowing down.



In an attempt to slow down the spread of the virus, countries have put in place travel restrictions. The U.S. and Canada have closed their borders to everyone that is not a resident. The Bahamas also has a travel ban in place, blocking visitors that have recently traveled to high-infection areas such as Italy and Iran.


The U.S. and Canada have called on their citizens to stay put and that if they are abroad to return quickly. That hasn’t been easy though. Several people are stranded around the globe, unable to secure flights or funds to return home. Those that risk a trip to the Bahamas right now could face a similar situation.


Airlines are also shuttering flights. Major airlines have limited flights, laid off staff, and placed extra restrictions to slow down travel and the spread of COVID-19. Flights to the Bahamas will likely be further restricted in the future.



Exuma is a beautiful chain of islands, but the small popular means that certain health resources are limited. The island doesn’t have a hospital, and those that get sick would have to make the trip to Nassau. Traveling at such a precarious time and to a place with limited health resources is not a smart idea.


We all wish we knew when the virus would end. Social distancing is difficult, especially knowing that you should be on a tropical beach. However, everyone must do their part to keep the world safe. Right now that means staying put and postponing all trips. So if you haven’t canceled your trip yet, please do so now. Make plans to visit Exuma at a later time when you can truly enjoy and appreciate all it has to offer!