Bahamian Residents Warned to Stay Out of Water Due to Storm

As Hurricane Florence intensifies, The Bahamas will feel the impact of rougher seas. Weather experts are warning residents to stay out of the water until it's safe.

Weather experts are urging Bahamian residents to stay clear of the water. Hurricane Florence was upgraded to a Category 4 storm yesterday and poses a serious risk.


Hurricane Florence will likely not hit The Bahamas directly. Right now it is on track to move between Bermuda and The Bahamas. As the storm passes by, The Bahamas is expected to feel some effects of it. Weather experts warn that sea swells will likely be generated.


The seas as expected to be “extremely rough” and boaters are advised to steer clear of the waters until things have calmed down. As the storm intensifies it will create large swells, which will create higher than normal surf.


Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall between North and South Carolina. The storm is predicted to be a devastating one. The governors of these states have already declared a state of emergency, and the coastal areas have been evacuated.


Bahamian Residents Warned to Stay Out of Water Due to Storm- Exuma Online


Last year’s hurricane season was devastating and saw widespread death and destruction. Although The Bahamas is not in the direct path of Hurricane Florence or the other hurricane brewing in the Atlantic, Hurricane Isaac, residents should remain vigilant. Residents should head the warning of the experts and steer clear of the water until it is safe to return.

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