Hurricane Irma Expected to Hit Exuma Tomorrow

Hurricane Irma is expected to hit Exuma sometime tomorrow. Make final preparations today.

Reports are saying that Hurricane Irma will hit Exuma and other islands in the Bahamas sometime tomorrow. The exact time is unknown, the storm could still alter its path. Effects could be felt either in the early morning or not until the afternoon. It’s recommended that Exuma residents get their homes ready tonight before going to bed.


Flooding is to be expected, as rainfall from Irma is forecasted to be 8-12 inches. Areas already hit by Irma have reported extensive flooding, water surges, as well as damage. On some islands the storm has been estimated to damage 90-95% of all buildings.

Irma is currently still a category 5 hurricane with winds recorded as high as 180 mph. There have already been reports of deaths from the storm.

All preparations for the storm should be completed by tonight. The storm will hit soon so be prepared. Make your way to hurricane shelters if you feel you are unsafe in your home. Please bring all animals and pets inside if possible.

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