The Best Cays and Islands in Exuma

Planning a trip to Exuma? Here are the must-see cays and islands to visit during your vacation! Each one has something unique to offer that you won't want to miss!


Did you know that Exuma is comprised of 365 cays? One for each day of the year! Most visitors don’t have that amount of time to explore them all though. Each cay in Exuma has something unique and special to discover, but here are the top most-visit cays and islands!


Big Major Cay

Exuma is now known for being home to the famous swimming pigs! These adorable creatures call Big Major Cay their home, so if you want to visit this is where you should go. Getting there requires hiring a boat tour but it is worth the day trip! Just make sure to treat these animals with respect. Only feed them food approved by your tour guide, and remember that they are wild animals so keep an eye on them when interacting.


The Best Cays and Islands in Exuma- Exuma Online


Staniel Cay

Staniel cay is located in the center of the Exumas and is one of the largest islands in the province. This cay is one of the most popular among tourists because it has so much to offer! It’s located near Big Major Cay, so many tour guides will stop here on a swimming pig tour. Grab some lunch at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club and get exploring some of the many beautiful beaches on the island. This cay is also one of the best for snorkeling. Just off the shore of Staniel cay, you’ll find Thunderball Grotto, a beautiful underwater cave system!


The Best Cays and Islands in Exuma- Exuma Online


Stocking Island

If you’re staying on Great Exuma during your visit take a quick visit to Stocking Island. It’s located just off the port of Georgetown and is home to some of Exuma’s best attractions. Stocking Island is home to the famous Chat N Chill bar and restaurant, which serves delicious conch and has a weekly Sunday pig roast. Just off the water, you’ll get the opportunity to feed stingrays as well!


Starfish beach is also located on Stocking Island and is home to massive starfish that you can hold and touch. Head up the hill to the famous Beacon lighthouse, which has one of the best views on Exuma! Stocking Island is also home to a stunning blue hole. These geological features are only found in a few places in the world!


The Best Cays and Islands in Exuma- Exuma Online

Musha Cay

Musha Cay is a privately owned island, but guests can visit parts of this luxury island on tour groups. The biggest draw of this cay is the stunning sandbar! This secluded sandbar is 2-miles long of powdery white sand. It’s absolutely beautiful. If you have the opportunity to visit, be sure to go!


The Best Cays and Islands in Exuma- Exuma Online


Warderick Wells Cay

Did you know that Exuma is home to the first land and sea wildlife park? The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is a must-see for any visitors. The main headquarters for these protected islands is located on Warderick Wells cay. In addition to being home to many rare and protected species of wildlife and plants, Warderick Wells has a lot of awesome attractions.


This cay has many beautiful hikes, included Boo Boo Hill which is home to one of Exuma’s local legends. You can also find blowholes here, which are cool to see. T famous Allen’s Cay iguanas are also found on Warderick Wells if you don’t want to take a separate trip to visit them. This cay is a popular spot for sailboats and yachts, so if you’re exploring by boat be sure to anchor here.


The Best Cays and Islands in Exuma- Exuma Online



Saddleback Cay

Saddleback Cay is a private island located at the northern tip of Norman’s cay. It’s now known for being featured in the infamous Fyre Festival promo video, which we all know ended in disaster. This cay has some truly stunning beaches and water though. It’s close by the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park as well. This cay is perfect for those that love snorkeling and exploring beautiful beaches.


The Best Cays and Islands in Exuma- Exuma Online


Moriah Harbour Cay

Moriah Harbour Cay is located between Great and Little Exuma and is home to a beautiful national park. Not only does this little cay have amazing beaches, but also it plays a vital role in Exuma’s ecosystem. It’s home to many local species of fish, crabs, birds, and plants!


The Best Cays and Islands in Exuma- Exuma Online


Farmer’s Cay

Exuma actually has a Little Farmer’s Cay and a Big Farmer’s Cay. They’re located right next to each other, and both are worth a visit. Little Farmer’s Cay is home to many yummy restaurants and has a true Bahamian feel to it. If you head over to Big Farmer’s Cay, be sure to visit the Mile-long sand bar just off the coast. This stretch of white sand emerges from the blue water at low tide and is the perfect spot for a beach day.

 The Best Cays and Islands in Exuma- Exuma Online

Norman’s Cay

Exuma has a thrilling history, full of colonists, pirates, and drug smugglers. Norman’s Cay is one of the northernmost cays in Exuma, which made it the perfect spot for Carlos Lehder (who co-founded the Medellin drug cartel with Pablo Escobar) to set up his drug smuggling headquarters. The island is free from any illegal activities today, but still has a lot of fun to offer. There is a sunken drug plane just off the coast and is home to the beautiful Saddle Cay Beach.

The Best Cays and Islands in Exuma- Exuma Online




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