The Best Beaches in Exuma

There is a lot to see and do when visiting Exuma, so here is a list of the best beaches that you should absolutely visit on your trip!

The Exuma Cays have a lot to offer, from wildlife to fun activities. But nothing beats the cays white sandy beaches and clear blue waters. A major draw for people to travel to The Bahamas are the beaches, and Exuma has some of the most beautiful ones!


Here are some of the best beaches on Exuma you should absolutely check out on your next visit!


Forbes Hill Beach

Forbes Hill beach is one of the most stunning ones in Exuma. It’s a little secluded, which means if you find it you’ll probably have it all to yourself! Enjoy exploring the rock formations, playing with the powdery sand, and calm water. If you’re looking for a quiet beach this is the perfect one.


Location: Little Exuma The Best Beaches in Exuma- Exuma Online- Forbes Hill Beach

Tropic of Cancer Beach

Tropic of Cancer beach is probably the most famous beach in Exuma. It’s also the most beautiful, but due to its popularity can be a bit busy. It’s the longest beach in Exuma and is famously where Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. It gets its name due to the tropic of cancer line that runs through the beach, but some also know it as Pelican Beach. There are delicious restaurants nearby so this is the perfect spot to hit before or after a meal!


Location: Little Exuma

The Best Beaches in Exuma- Exuma Online- Tropic of Cancer Beach


Cocoplum Beach

Cocoplum beach is known for its shallow waters and sand bars. It’s the perfect beach for kids and families. This is also the spot to go to for hunting sand dollars. They’re all over the beach! Remember to keep the living ones alone (they’re darker and live in the water), but feel free to collect the bleached white ones on the sand! Just be sure to leave some behind for other visitors.

Location: Great Exuma

The Best Beaches in Exuma- Exuma Online- Cocoplum Beach


Hoopers Bay Beach

Hoppers Bay offers something that the other beaches don’t- the chance to swim with sea turtles! This beach isn’t as quiet as Forbes Hill beach nor is it as busy as Tropic of Cancer beach, it’s the perfect middle ground. Make sure to keep an eye out for the sea turtles, and read up on how to interact with them safely. Remember to respect them, this is their home, we’re just visitors!


Location: Great Exuma

The Best Beaches in Exuma- Exuma Online- Hoopers Bay Beach


Pretty Molly Bay Beach

Pretty Molly Bay is more than a beautiful beach; it’s also steeped in mystery. Local legend says that a woman, Pretty Molly, drowned in the waters. Some say her ghost haunts the beach at night while others’ claim she turned into a mermaid that still lives in the bay. Be sure to keep an eye out for her! The beach is known for being quiet thanks to it’s off the path location. There is great snorkeling at this beach but the sand is also super soft if you’re not interested in getting in the water.


Location: Little Exuma

The Best Beaches in Exuma- Exuma Online- Pretty Molly Bay Beach



Jolly Hall Beach

Jolly Hall beach is another of Exuma’s most famous beaches. It’s known for its pristine sand and turquoise water. It’s located within walking distance of several hotels and is close to George Town. Despite its convenient location, it doesn’t get too busy! It’s located in a cove protected by Stocking Island so the water is beautiful and calm.

Location: Great Exuma

The Best Beaches in Exuma- Exuma Online- Jolly Hall Bay Beach


Bonefish Flats

Most of Exuma’s popular beaches are located on the east side of the islands, but Bonefish Flats are hidden away on the west side of the island. This area isn’t as well known, which makes it Exuma’s hidden secret! Bonefish Flats, also called just the Flats, is named after Exuma’s famous bonefish. This area is a little more private and residential, but if you’re renting a home nearby be sure to visit.


Location: Great Exuma


The Best Beaches in Exuma- Exuma Online- Bonefish Flats

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