The Best Activities in Exuma

Exuma has a ton to offer, both on land and at sea. There is a ton to do and see, so here are some view recommendations on the best activities in Exuma!

We recently asked our viewers on Facebook which activities they thought all visitors to Exuma should try. We loved seeing all of their responses and recommendations. Exuma has a ton to offer, which is why it’s one of the best places in the Caribbean! Here are a few activities everyone should try, broken down into categories.


Wildlife Activities

Exuma has a ton of local wild and marine life. It’s part of what makes this place so attractive to visitors. You can find a full list of the animal excursions Exuma has to offer here, but here are some of the top recommended ones!


Swimming Pigs

Exuma is probably most famous for the swimming pigs so it’s no wonder it’s on this list. The pigs are located on Big Majors Cay and you’ll have to take a boat to them. They’re totally worth the visit though. Where else would you get to swim with wild pigs?


Stocking Island Stingrays

Did you know the stingrays on Stocking Island will swim right up to you to be fed? If you swing by Chat N Chill be sure to get some fresh conch to feed them! Be sure to read our tips for safely engaging with them, but they’re not dangerous at all and it’s an amazing experience!


Compass Cay Sharks

Pigs aren’t the only thing you can swim with in Exuma. You can also swim with nurse sharks on Compass Cay! There is always a risk when swimming with wild sharks, but if you follow all of the guidelines and keep your wits about you it’s a fun and safe experience that everyone back home will be thrilled to hear about.


Wild Sea Turtles

Did you know you can swim alongside wild sea turtles in Exuma as well? Hooper’s Bay is the best place to spot them, but they can be found all over. You can even feed them but be sure to watch your fingers!


Water Activities

Exuma has a ton to offer, both on land and at sea. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore Exuma’s stunning, clear waters. There are a lot of fun activities to do if you’re a fan of the water. Here are some that people recommended.



There is a reason fishers flock to Exuma every year. The water surrounding the cays has tons of opportunities for amazing catch. Visitors can deep-sea fish, reef fish, bottom fish, and even fly-fishing. Exuma is home to the elusive bonefish as well as wahoo, mahi-mahi, tuna, barracuda, blue marlin, kingfish, and more!


Snorkeling & Diving

There is so much to explore in Exuma’s tranquil waters. You’ll absolutely want to plan a day of snorkeling and scuba diving. Get a closer look at coral reefs and stromatolites. Explore stunning grottos and mysterious blue holes. Take a look at underwater statues and sunken drug planes. There is so much to see under Exuma’s blue waters you won’t want to pass up the chance.


Leisure Activities

There is a ton to do in Exuma, but sometimes the best vacations are when you do nothing. In addition to abundant wildlife and excursions, Exuma also has a lot of relaxing leisure activities as well. Here are some of the most recommended!


Walking Along Sandbars

There is something so tranquil about walking along a sandbar. Exuma has a few sandbars visitors should explore. Musha Cay features a stunning 2-mile long sandbar and you can also find the Mile-long sandbar on Big Farmer’s Cay that appears at low tide.


Relaxing on the Beach

Exuma has some of the most stunning beaches in the world. The turquoise blue water and white powdery sand make for a perfect beach day. There are tons of amazing beaches in Exuma. Be sure to read our list of the best beaches in Exuma so you know which ones to visit!


Eating at Local Restaurants

No vacation is complete with some yummy food. Thankfully Exuma has a lot to offer in that department as well. Check out our list of the best restaurants in Exuma, recommended by other viewers!


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